Téléphonie IP

La téléphonie IP

La téléphonie est en pleine mutation. Votre société a besoin de nouvelles technologies de communication et nous pouvons vous proposer des solutions adéquates basées sur la téléphonie IP.

Nous gérons des sites de toutes tailles, du plus petit (2 postes) au plus gros (plus de 100 postes), nos solutions de téléphonie IP sont idéales quelque soit la taille de votre entreprise.

Nous représentons au Québec les marques suivantes:


ScopServ Inc. is an Information Technology company that provides to small and medium businesses global communication solutions and services. We also specialize in multifunction server conception and software development.

Our servers are built for immediate deployment in any network architecture and they were made keeping in mind the 3 greatest advantages: cost efficiency, reliability and flexibility.


Aastra globally develops and markets Internet Protocol (IP)-based as well as traditional communications networking products and systems. Aastra’s products include a full range of VoIP solutions including communications servers, gateways, telephone terminals and advanced software applications for business and residential markets. Whether connecting to colleagues around the country or around the world, Aastra offers a variety of best-in-class technologies to improve your communications.


Snom technology AG was founded in Berlin in 1996, and is one of the pioneers of the VoIP sector. Snom develops and produces VoIP telephones for business communication which are based on the open standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).